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 Monday, July 15, 2024
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WebFrame Guide > Page Types > Photo Gallery
  • Examples of Photo Galleries   
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  • How to Organize Photo Galleries into Albums   
  • How to Organize Photo Galleries into Albums

    A combination of Photo Gallery pages can be used together to create the effect of photo "albums" where you will have a photo album cover page (main menu of all your photo galleries), which takes the visitor to each individual album of photos.


    Note: Please familiarize yourself with Adding pages in WebFrame and using the Photo Gallery page type before proceeding with the instructions below. 


    First you will need to set up your pages in WebFrame. You will add the main album cover page (ex: Low Maintenance Decks), and individual subpages under the main album cover page to create your photo gallery albums (ex: Project 1-15).




    Once your pages are set up, go to Edit the main album cover page (ex: Low Maintenance Decks). Follow the basic instructions to set up this page using the Photo Gallery page type with the Classic Gallery display. Each of the images uploaded will serve as the album cover for each photo gallery album subpages.


    Next, we will link each of these album cover images, on the main album cover page, to their corresponding photo gallery subpages.


    Go to your first photo gallery album subpage (ex: Project 1), and copy the Link for that page:




    Return to your main album cover page, go to [Manage Gallery], then [Edit] under your first image. Paste the link you just copied into the Picture URL field, then Update Image.



    When you return to main album cover page and click on the first album cover image, it should take you to the subpage you just linked to (ex: Project 1).


    Following the basic photo gallery page set up instructions, set up the subpage using the Photo Gallery page type. Upload all the photos you want to include in this album using the photo gallery display option that your prefer.


    Your first album is complete. Repeat the steps above to create individual photo gallery subpages and link those subpages to the main album cover page.

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    Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
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    Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
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