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 Monday, July 15, 2024
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website design, web site development
Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
Components of Effective SEO

What components of SEO will produce the best results? 

Search engines will not disclose in detail algorithms they use to rank your website against other sites, as they believe algorithms work best when people don't know what they are. In addition, there is a constant need for search engines to keep up with new technology, trends, and applications being made available to us on the web in order to provide the best user experience possible.


Web Solutions Omaha encourages our clients to focus on strategies that will produce long-term search engine placement results. Below, we'll show you how to optimize your website using the features of WebFrame technology, and highlight overall SEO strategies that are worth the investment.



Recommended SEO Components and Their Importance 


ALT Tags - ALT Tags are the alternate description text used to describe a graphic or image on a web page when a visitor hovers over the image. Alt tags also make web pages more accessible to the disabled. For example, a vision-impaired user may have a web browser that reads aloud the text associated with the image. Since search engines can't "see" the image, adding ALT tags gives search engines alternative description text to index. 


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Bulk Email Services - Another effective tool to advertise to current and prospective clients, encourage viral marketing and drive traffic to your website is the use of bulk emails. Web Solutions Omaha offers TouchBase Relationship Manager which is a plug-in to your WebFrame site. Web Solutions can also manage your email campaigns. Contact Web Solutions for additional information about bulk email services. 


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Meta Data (Title & Description) - Targeted and effective keywords and phrases are foundational to many other SEO efforts. Keywords are used to tell a visitor something about the subject and content of the web page. Search engines conduct search query and retrieval using keywords as one of their ranking factors. (see Choosing Meta Tags and Keywords) You can optimize each informational page of your website using WebFrame tools (see Optimizing Documents), and you can optimize each category and item if you have an eCommerce catalog (see Optimizing Catalog Items)

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New Content & Longevity of Your Website - Search engines love a well-established website. One with consistent, fresh content and new pages are golden. Consistently maintaining your site and online web presence over time will increase the trustworthiness and reputation of your website.


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Site Search and Site Map - Standard with each WebFrame is the ability for a visitor to search your site, or view a site map containing all the pages on you website. These are useful tools for the visitor as well as a great tool for keeping current the content search engines will index. It is advised that you re-index your site search when notable changes are made to the pages or page content on your website. The Site Map is automatically updated when you add, rename or delete a page. (also see XML Sitemap below)


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Web Stats Tracking - Web Solutions Omaha offers software to track and report traffic to your website using server-based logs. This tool is valuable as a key component for measuring your SEO and marketing success, and to provide insight into the behaviors of visitors to your website.


If you want to set up web stats tracking in your Google Analytics account, which uses session-based logs, we can assist with embedding the verification code into your website.


Learn more about Web Stats Options 


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XML Sitemap - XML Sitemaps are different than the Site Map (see Site Search and Site Map above) on your website. XML Sitemaps are used by search engines to communicate to them the pages on your site. You will need an XML Sitemap if you plan to set up a webmaster or analytics account with any of the major search engines. Contact Web Solutions to have a XML Sitemap generated. 


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Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
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