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 Monday, July 15, 2024
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User Admin / Security

The security package included with WebFrame allows your website administrator to control who is allowed to edit your website, as well as what pages they are allowed to edit. This security control can be set up to be as simple as having one editor for the whole site, or as detailed as assigning specifics pages to specific editors with an overall website administrator.


User Admin
Go to the "User Admin" link displayed above the Control Panel (in yellow below):




Clicking the "User Admin" link will display the Admin Menu:




Add User 

create an individual's User ID, password (as well as allow whether or not that user can change their password), and assign them to group(s) 

Modify User 

select and add/edit/delete an individual's user ID/Password pairs and/or add/delete groups assigned for any editors of the website

Download User 

download an Excel spreadsheet to manage a large number of users in one document

Upload User 

upload multiple users at once with the option to merge changes with existing users, or replace all users with the data in the spreadsheet you are uploading

Password Options 

set required password characteristics and password expiration if desired

Group Administration 

create new groups, modify existing groups and/or delete groups

Group Members 

displays an overview of all users by User ID and Groups assigned

View Logs 

allows Site Administrators to view activity by other editors on the website
Note: You must first enable logging if you want to use this feature. 

Get IP Number 

shows the IP number for your computer



About Group Administration 

The WebFrame security package offers three groups with the following rights:



Site Administration - Admins have full editing and publishing rights on the website. Admins are the only group with access to "User Admin" to manage all users and groups. Admins can also assign editing rights to pages and access the File Library. If installed as an add-on for your website, Admins also have exclusive rights to TouchBase (bulk email) and ecommerce Catalog.



Full Access - Publishers have full editing and publishing rights to all pages on the website and the File Library. Publishers can also assign users editing rights to specific pages, and can access the File Library. Publishers cannot access "User Admin".


Page Publisher 

Restricted Access - Page Publishers may only edit content on pages assigned to them. They are restricted to only uploading modified page content, and cannot publish their changes made. A user with Admin access would have to go to that modified page, approve the content, then publish the final changes. Page Publishers cannot access the File Library or "User Admin".



Assigning Users Editing Rights to Specific Pages 

Once Users have been created and groups have been assigned, the site administrator assigns page control in the Web Frame Page List "Editor" dropdown found in the right column on the page list (shown in yellow):




Any users who have been assigned to the same group you assign to a page in the "Editor" dropdown will have rights to edit that page on your website.



Custom Groups & Secure Area Access 

Custom Groups can be created and assigned for the 2 different scenarios described below:


         Allowing one specific user to edit one or more specific pages: (i.e. You only want your administrative assistant to only have access to edit the News page on your website.) Since Publishers have full editing rights to all pages on the website, custom groups would be used in conjunction with a user having Page Publisher restricted access. You would create a custom group in "User Admin" under "Group Administration" (i.e. News Group).

Next, go to "Modify User" and assign the custom group (i.e. News Group) to a user who already has Page Publisher access.

Finally, you would go to "WebFrame" to access the Page List and select a page from the left side, and assign that custom group (i.e. News Group) in the "Editor" dropdown for the specific page they are allowed to edit, then click Update.

         Allowing view-only access to your secure website: If you had a secure area installed on your website, you can choose to either create one shared User ID/Password for all members, or you can create individual User ID/Password for each member.

Next, you would create a custom group in "User Admin" under "Group Administration". When deciding how to define your groups, we suggest:

o        simply creating 1 group for all visitors with equal access (i.e. allowing all employees to access the secure area under the custom group, Employee)

o        creating several custom groups for different affiliates or vendors to access only their page in the secure area (i.e. custom group Company A accesses the Company A page, custom group Company B accesses the Company B page, etc.)


Important Note: By default, Users and Groups are shared between your public and secure sites. So the security you set up in User Admin applies to both your public and secure sites.


After your custom groups are created and assigned to users, go to "WebFrame" to access the WebFrame Page List and select a page from the left side, and assign that custom group in the "Editor" dropdown for the specific page they are allowed to edit, then click Update.


Help with User Admin / Security 

If you have a different scenario not covered above, please contact us for advice on how to accomplish your needs.

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