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 Monday, July 15, 2024
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website design, web site development
Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
Control Panel

Once you are logged in to your website (How to log in) you will have access to the Control Panel (illustrated below) where you can easily manage the content on each of your web pages.




Control Panel Buttons 



Edit the web page that you are currently viewing. 


View a preview of the web page after editing but before publishing for public viewing. This is what you "working copy" would look like if it were published.


View the current published page that is available for public viewing. 

Page List 

Takes you to the WebFrame Page List, and displays the listing and status of all pages in the website. You can add, delete, rename, arrange order of pages, set administrative permission of pages, set visibility of navigation, etc. from the WebFrame Page List. This is the central "command center" of your website.

Site Map 

Lists all pages of the website, their status, and number of times each page has been viewed. 


Replace the unpublished edits to a page with a copy of the published page's content. In essence, start over with a copy of the current published page. 


Make page available to public view. To make the edits to your page live, you would choose Publish to override the current published page replacing it with your edits. Please Note: Certain page types automatically publish the page for you. Those page types are: Home, Photo Gallery, and Press Release - Live. 


"Hide" a published page from public view. Your page will NOT be deleted. Rather, it is just hidden from public view.


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Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
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Web Site Developers Omaha Nebraska
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